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Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 8"

I felt this sketch to be a little weaker than its predecessors. Not as much going on, not as many zingers in the comedy department; I would describe it as more "charming" than funny. Five days might be rushing it a little.

That having been said, my favorite part was the fake-out in the beginning.

i want to tell you this one is a cool episode i'm a huge fan of t.u.f.f. puppy and at first i thought he was going to say he hates it but i as reief that he liked the show and saying from sexy hot sidekick check lol and he's actually my nephew and that he owns me money! i just laugh at this one so props to u and i'm so glad you didn't say anything bad about this episode or the show because i would of have hot dogs if he didn't like it hehehe j/k thanks for doing this awesome episode hi gee gee

HE owes me money!!

Loved that line

Love the humor! Butt jokes! Owes you money! Hahahahaha!

Lol the only show to get a good review out of him is the one that is either canceked or not around as often anymore.