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Reviews for "{Adrinaline Pumper}"

I could see it...

... For some battle in a video game. Totally... Yea.

Shooper Shweet :D

It feels like the rave portion of the song stands out more than the dnb part, but I like it. 9/10. Nothing bad, but nothing outwardly spectacular.

look, another one!

yes, yet another song i havent downloaded! well i have it now... all good! great job man! kep em comin!

OK, lacks bass.

I'm so noob at moosic. And I am also so cooled because I made this track into Platinum!

Pretty cool...

...as is most of your stuff. I like the hyperdelic feeling this gives me. I have no clue what that word means, but it's the feeling this track gives me. Nice work.