Reviews for "Zombies in Central Park"

Hehe, that was fun! :) Not so easy to recognize all the different people as I thought it would be, probably because they lack skin color as zombies, they're all green! Some of them were easier than others, and all had distinctive traits. Twas a fun kind of game!


Ok, I admit it, it was funny. Nice one!

There is a glitch that you can move the screen and it then disables the hint button but other then that it's fine good work :)

wow muhammad ali is not dead i searched get your facts right

I'm generally a fan of these games for sheer entertainment value, but there was just a bit of a research issue here:

As of this writing, neither Pamela Anderson nor Neil Armstrong are dead.

...otherwise, a fun, quick way to kill some time, and as always, I enjoyed the artwork.