Reviews for "Zombies in Central Park"

..Only ONE (incredibly easy) level!? Whats up with that!?

And if you can beat something in less than 2 minutes, does that really qualify as being called a "game"?

Well, I can't say I didn't like this, because I did. It reminds me a lot of those books I used to have where you had to find stuff, the "I Spy" books. Now that I think about it, that was basically the premise of the "Where's Waldo?" books too. I appreciate how you were able to use such a good childhood memory like this. My only complaint is that I just think it's too big and hard. Don't think of something dirty when I say that.

It was nice to see all these cool designs. You certainly get your money's worth with the single medal. I thought the music was also pretty nice and suited it very well. It does get you motivated after awhile. It might have worked better as an art submission.

wow muhammad ali is not dead i searched get your facts right

I thought the graphics and concept were great. I found the game too easy and short though. I wish there was a penalty for guessing wrong (but then i noticed it penalized me even if I clocked the ground to move the camera when zoomed in). I also wish there were levels, where you move to a new location and see new celebrity zombies.

Are these zombies meant to be dead celebrities? Cos you might want to do your research on Muhammad Ali and Pamela Anderson.