Reviews for "Epexsus Episode 1"

The animation quality was not nearly as good as the trailer.

Interesting story, but it has no tension. When characters can survive ravenous monster mailings, and explosives my scale of what is dangerous is thrown out the window. The guy escaping his burnt out village has little emotion in his voice, seeing as his entire village has now been consigned to starving to death or death by mauling.

The setting is quite unusual. Modern era style housing with very antiquated weaponry for a society that has supposedly "known only war."Of course that may just be a plot point,seeing as Mr. Mask has some better equipment.

The opening theme is quite enjoyable.

The animation and the voice acting could use some work, but the story is amazing!
I would like to watch more!

i really like your style and for just a mouse this is impressive.

The animation is good and this is pretty funny. Good work!