Reviews for "Epexsus Episode 1"

Dude! Saw you posting auditions on VAA! Man do I ever regret not auditioning for this now! Can't wait for more!

Really great concept. I love it! I am looking forward to seeing more.

I wonder, in the future are we going to learn why the "human" race is on this planet, or is it just something we should ignore? You seem like a very creative person, just from the history of this planet, the animals that inhabit it, and the names you've come up with. I think it would be better if they weren't humans. I mean, any other name would suffice, and we'd get the idea that they're basically "humans" just from seeing them, but we wouldn't be drawn out of the story from that word. I know it draws me out, personally.

I like your animation style. It's simple, but I think it works really well. Pretty cute "comedy" scenes as well. And the facial expressions with the changing of the eyes was good.

My main problem with the video was the voice acting.
Some of it was pretty good. But some of it really lacked "real" emotion. The scene where the other guy's village is burning, for example... he's just crawled from the wreckage and they have a very... well, from the sounds of their voices, like a somewhat pleasant conversation. Just doesn't seem realistic.
And I hate to have to bring down the rating because of a that and the human thing, but at the same time I don't want to sugar coat it because there's so much potential here and I'd like to see more, but I'd LOVE to see it with a little more effort put in to those things.
Just a couple of minor fixes like that and I'd easily rate this a 5.

At first, I wondered if some of the scenes were necessary, or the pauses... but after watching each scene, I thought, "You know what? I thought it might have been too slow at first... but it worked for the style of comedy that was in that scene."
Of course with some scenes it was different, because there was no comedy, but those scenes worked out for timing in their own way. And even though some scenes seemed "pointless" to the story... they were okay to be there. And funny.

As I said before, looking forward to the rest! Thank you for submitting this for us to enjoy!


Interesting, looking forward to more.

alexlikestrains, dont be an asshole

i said gay thorught each scene :P