Reviews for "Epexsus Episode 1"


I laughed when he fell out of bed. I enjoyed it very much. I dont know much about animation but I think that was cool :D

Hey, now here's something I'm always happy to see. Ambitious Flash Americanime? That's what I'm fuckin' talking about. There's some great presentation going on here, and I appreciate the time you gave to showing us the characters living rather than just having them be marionettes being dragged along by the overarching plot. Ideas first since that's where's the soul's at. The characters aren't bad, as in they don't inspire face-palms; but they aren't exactly interesting either. Generic pseudo-medieval worldâEU¦ once again not terrible, just flavorless. The idea of the tribes doesn't bother me, but the way you presented it does. It wasn't necessary for you to tell us about that, because it didn't have anything to do with the events in this episode, at least to us as viewers who are oblivious to the story at large. The exposition at the beginning did nothing to enhance this short whatsoever, but it did place a lot of future obligations on you to involve all of these tribes and the war into the plot, which you might regret later.

Execution. Here's where you shined at. You have good taste and great director sense brewing in you. The audio is well-handled, and you have no idea what volumes of good adding those instrument strokes and riffs during yelling, certain fast actions and fluctuations in the mood of the dialogue added. Or maybe you doâEU¦ Your actors aren't bad. They didn't make me cry, but they did their job. You're clearly inspired by anime, and they definitely sounded like animeâEU¦ Wouldn't go for that in my toons, but it's neutral in my book. Your heart's in the right place with the action scenes, there's some cool flips and acrobatics, but I would try practicing your animation more before embarking on another one of these. Learn more about the classic process, then start breaking rules. For long, story-driven toons like these, you have the right idea, the anime route is a smart choice (simple shots for dialogue and scene-building, save the intense frame-by-frame for the action sequences). Just make sure you're giving us something as jizztastic as possible with the action sequences. Do me a favor, go to YouTube, type in the word "sakuga". Study it, as much as possible. Find Yutaka Nakamura, Norio Matsumoto, and Hiroyuki Imaishi's scenes in even the cheapest anime and ABSORB IT ALL. Comedy's nice, quick, well timed.

Other than that, there's some points where the image doesn't cover the entire canvas and there's distracting blocks of white, and the copyrighted music isn't necessary. Use the music of musicians you can talk to, because if you saturate your baby with copyrighted material, you don't particularly own it, and you won't be able to do much more with it than just smalltime internet expositions, and I'd hate to watch all this budding talent and work not be lucrative for you in other ways. Speaking of that, I don't know how I feel about the fact that you spent 3 years on this. That's a little much, and projects that huge tend to cause artistic/director skill to stagnate. I hope the next one won't take so long for your sake, because I tell your heart's in it, not that I won't be excited for Episode 2. Just consider cutting the episode lengths to under 5 while it's still early, trust me on this, I've done what you're doing before thrice and it doesn't end well. You're going to grow as an artist while you're working and it will be very difficult to be satisfied with your work after a while. Like what I'm seeing though, keep it up man.

dude this is just cartoon series about naruto with different chartacters and the roles of younger borther {sasuke} and older brother {itachi} switched and the clan are the exact same just different names im sorry good animation but the storyliune is stolen dont even bother trying to lie. you cn tell its a ninja story line aswell you can tell becasue of the kid jumpoing around like a fucking money and the fucking war bullshit which is almost direct quote from the naruto episode when they talk about the great wars its good but stolen

Parimak responds:

I don't watch Naruto, your awfully spelt argument is invalid.

Well, since you'll probably be wanting some valid criticism, I'll just give you my input.
The animation was a bit underdeveloped. It was alright, as far as conceptual animation, but it can definitely be improved dramatically. I think the best action to take would be to study up on some traditional animation, human anatomy, and maybe even some martial arts videos (in order to become familiar with how the human body works).

As far as background art, I think it would be wise to not use so many gradients and avoid over-simplifying the environments. It's going to take a lot of work and time, but I promise it will pay off.

Now, as a typography buff and graphic designer, I would suggest you did not use typefaces (commonly called 'fonts') that are notorious for being over-used and abused. The typeface you are using (Birth of a Hero?), is not a good choice for three reasons:
1.) It's overused, which hurts any artistic value to your typography
2.) If you want a grungy typeface, you can do it yourself using your programs or even doing them by hand with the use of a scanner and some form of photoshop (or any other program that allows you to make precise selections and delete the background).
3.) It is unmistakably the same typeface you used for your logo which, once again, devalues the artistic value of your type.

With the logo of the series, I'd advice you to rework it.
Avoid stretching typefaces (stretching type destroys the integrity of the letterforms, such as your 'p' and 'u'). Avoid using typefaces which do not convey the mood of the overall story of the series. Typefaces actually have personalities, which most people are not aware of âEU" but are subconscious, much like the typeface Garamond is associated with body text in books.
If you feel compelled to re-design your logo for the series, consider using Chinese calligraphy brushes (not photoshop brushes âEU" ACTUAL brushes), using ink as your medium, and simply drawing out the word "Epexsus." From what I'm seeing you're creating an environment that has some oriental themes, so this method seems appropriate.

As far as story-telling âEU" I can't really give any confident advise, so I hope you can take some criticism on that issue with another user.

Just as a note: this is just a critique. You may respond however you feel is appropriate.