Reviews for "Epexsus Episode 1"

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I wouldn't give out such a harsh judgement, it might took them three years but at least they have it finish to a decent and watchable video. They can probably do better now that it has been reviewed.

ok so first they´ve got the technology to take photos,
but they still use knives an spears?
second somehow this seems greatly influenced by naruto (which has a setting i dislike)
third, i took you 3 years to create this?
fourth sometimes the village (as well as the background) looks kinda unconvincing since theres nothing but houses (missing clutter, paths, ways, bushes, etc)
animation 5/10
audio 9/10
and finally fifth, it did get some chuckles outta me so 3.5 of 5
generally enjoyable

Fucking awesome!!!!! maybe you'll get lucky enough to make this into a anime. i mean if you find it a good thing. some people dont like corporations controlling their content or creativeness.
but AMAZING STORY. I wont judge your animation cuz its better than what i would make if i tried to make a flash animation.

Any chance you played a game called Jade Cocoon? Your opening score and that game's village music are very similar not that it is a bad thing. During the first chase scene we can clearly see the creatures are dogs so when he took to the trees He was already safe so why bother making him jump from tree to tree? Apparently easily broken tree branches are gonna be an inside joke with makota. During the backstory, Ways of life and lifestyles are the same thing. Then we got practically Zero character introductions. The only thing we know is makota is a scarred child, Anna is the girlfriend of Makota's deadbeat brother Ken, and Ken is a lazy, comedic character. If Ken is a lazy good for nothing that always gets in a fight with the chief why is he lounging in a chair in the open where he can be found? Makes zero sense. More on Ken he isn't in Makota's family photo so is he supposed to be an adopted brother? Anna said she better go hunt before she gets yelled at too but when Ken ran into her in the forest and asked what she was doing and she replied just the usual which was picking Berries, That is actually called foraging. In that same scene Ken gets Mauled by a horned demon yet when the Dogs surrounded him He had no bruises whatsoever. So you either got the scenes mixed up or that is bad scriptwriting. Then we have Makota throwing a small bag with a 'couple' of dead dogs. He is kinda puny to have such strength and then He and Ken are just standing there chatting! Where is the sense of danger and ergency? Makota seems to have lost his odd steel spear during the scene and what was Ken even hunting with? His spear was in the horned demon during the berry scene... Then during the attack on Makota's village everyone is dead/gone. You could have added dramatic effect of the masked guy fighting either ken or Gene the chief and when they noticed makota could say Run get outta here. Its not safe and then that is the part where they get cut down scarring makota even further. Finally you named the masked man scar at the end. How convient his name his scar and the main character remembers a man with a scar.... All the suspense gone whoosh just like that since we now know who the masked guy is.
final notes
Comedy is good. We need more creatures so far dogs and horned demons. More detailed character intros so we can connect with them. Give us a sense of where technology is at this point. I assume steel and gunpowder as there are knifes and bombs. Alot of the stuff i mentioned is probably very detailed at your deviant art page but Viewers shouldn't have to read bios and story at one website to understand a video at another one.

Animation needs a bit of inprovement.The writing and story has potential.I wonder why no one thought to make this story in to an anime.Also Ken reminds me of Sokka from Avatar the last airbender