Reviews for "Epexsus Episode 1"

Wow. This is really good! Some of the animation is a bit rough but I'm sure you'll get better. I also really enjoy the comic relief. It keeps the more dull parts of the story interesting. Voices were good, though varied in range a bit too much. (One second it'd be very quite, the next it would be very loud.) You have the makings for a good story here and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Good luck! ^_^


i like it, i was huge in anime wen i was younger, still kinda am, i would actually watch this on tv if it was on, its pretty good. great story line, kinda a mix of a couple animes i know, nd it has just enough sarcastic humor in it... made me smile... sometimes :p nah its good though, awesome job! 4.5 for some weird scenes

Cool, anime looking, but much better, with action that I really don't think animes have.
And, also, trees are too weak these days.

demon thingy x3 XDXDXD