Reviews for "The Pwanching Dead"

"All you do is stand around being black!"

Not speaking for the actual dialouge, the animation in this was really great, I think you could go pretty far in animation, its not like i really know much about animation but this is really amazing.


i dont even BARELY know the walking dead but the first part with that YES and the sex scene really made me laugh out so loud that the glasses exploded same thing for the last part with T-Dog "just standing around".I didn't find the dialogue funny but its still an awesome movie the watermelon scene is my favourite,what do i like about?its simple
T-Dog's mouth
T-Dog's epicrage-like face
T-Dog's bite
T-Dog's dirty mouth
T-Dog eating watermelon
T-Dog's happy face

This video is hilarious. My favorite part is the subtle way where T-Dog's last line of dialogue is slightly cut off by the end credits. I noticed on the show alot in season 2 that the few times T-Dog had dialogue someone interrupted him, so that literally bit really got me.

While that, and what happens if you click on the watermelon.