Reviews for "The Pwanching Dead"

dat is soo funny lol

0/10 would not watch again. It's baised off of the tv show.

Not bad. The animation when Rick is turning his head could have been a bit better. But overall, the characters are actually drawn well. And I love how you addressed how Lori just immediately started screwing with Shane. It wasn't even a week since everything went to hell (Rick couldn't have survived for any longer without fluids in his coma), and there he goes screwing her husband's best friend. Carl...don't even get me started. AND YES! DARYL! The only SANE person in the entire freaking group other than Dale and Glenn.

*cough* Uh...keep it up, guys. lol

Haha te very beginning is damn funny.

"all you do is stand around being black"

Soo true.

halarious, hope you make another