Reviews for "Expendables 2: TD"

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tower games get boring way too quickly, you have a lot of views, which is good, but that only means they played the game, you also have a lot of good reviews, but to be completely honest with you, most of the people reviewing probably played a couple rounds of it and eventually got bored with it, so just wait and see if some of those people come back and review again, and i'll think about putting your game on Xgen Studios

soapcreative responds:

Thanks for the feedback DMasterx, lots of views, good reviews all the hallmarks of a crap game hey? hehe

TD games only get boring if you don't want the challenge of beating it. You could say the same about almost every game. The people asking for more levels (we have 6) obviously wanted more from the game and so I imagine an update with more levels, new enemies etc (easy to do) would appease them.

We'll keep you posted on repeat reviews, although is that a regular thing on newgrounds? Ive never reviewed something twice?

Nice Tower Game

i just dont like the way enemies die.nice game though

Addicting game! Love it