Reviews for "Expendables 2: TD"


XxUndieablexX, the same people who made the movie made this game, huh? Judge the game, not the name.

The work put into this shows. Good job! Don't stop. Not QUITE enough to keep the interest going through the whole game, but it's still a fun time waster. Very close. For the future, my suggestion would be to allow players to choose which powerups each soldier gets, powerup upgrades would be fun as well. More defensive abilities would be great too. I'm not sure if my thoughts are repeated in the game seeing as I have not finished it.
If you're not on your way out the door to work, give this game a shot!

soapcreative responds:

thanks for such a well thought out review. Good points for the next game

Fun , but it gets boring after a while

I like man!!!!!

Its fun I guess