Reviews for "Expendables 2: TD"

better than the actual Expendables 2 Videogame, thats for sure :D

This is an amazing well designed game. The level of detail and animations are spot on. A good mix of classic Tower defense with hero gameplay as well. Very movie promotional, spot on with the expendable franchise. Every little detail is enjoyable from the menu selection to the chick animation in the corner. Well executed.
List of things I love about the game::
Menu selection bullet animation. minor, but cool
chick in the corner animation. Another tiny eyecandy but fun at least. Adds to the franchise genre
Hero units were balanced through out. None seemed OP. makes selecting 3 kinds difficult since each ability is usefull
Destructable terrain. A very very nice touch. This minor detail was much appreciated
AI choosing new paths based upon terrain destruction. I didn't notice at first until a new trail was created and infantry was pouring down it
Towers balanced out, nice seeing them destructable for a TD game. Adds a depth of strategy and placement
moveable hero units a nice touch.

I just wish it had a few more levels :( but a fun game none the less, great movie tie ins, awesome promotional, and overall a very fun and well crafted TD game.

i wish all movie tie ins were as good as this : )

Once u get achievements u able to download the girls - u can only really get achievements during the endless session

Awesome game! I wish there was a save function, though..... Is there?