Reviews for "Companion"

i really like animations like this , short but it speaks volume i think the story was very clear we should not be focused on the ship or its mission rather on the little cute ghosty alien like creature who has probably spent alot of time doing as he did checking that this vile and eating ( i geuss hes not a ghost as he needs to eat) the friend or pilot of the ship is dead or put himself to sleep so this little guy goes about doing the duties unaware of the impending doom, i liked this alot very sad though :'(

I felt it gave exactly as much info as we needed. Short, but very sweet. Excellent.

And now we know exactly how life started on earth, so that's a plus.

deserves all 10 of my stars

Oh wow, I'm so happy to finally see this animation in its finished form! This was really atmospheric - very well done : )

A fantastic short animation, it was able to convey the artist's intent without the use of words. In short an animation of a cute jelly ghost, and his role of serving as a friend, and companion.
Overall the animation was great, the use of body language (Jelly language) was crucial in this animation. A few side remarks on the ending, did the Jelly bring back the crumbs for itself or his deceased friend? While I am not an expert on aerodynamics, if the vial was dropped, wouldn't it lose velocity quicker then the spacecraft, and hit the ground after the spacecraft had?
And lastly, R.I.P Jelly, mission accomplished.