Reviews for "Companion"

Great animation and story-line, but the ending was a bit anti-climatic.

A fantastic short animation, it was able to convey the artist's intent without the use of words. In short an animation of a cute jelly ghost, and his role of serving as a friend, and companion.
Overall the animation was great, the use of body language (Jelly language) was crucial in this animation. A few side remarks on the ending, did the Jelly bring back the crumbs for itself or his deceased friend? While I am not an expert on aerodynamics, if the vial was dropped, wouldn't it lose velocity quicker then the spacecraft, and hit the ground after the spacecraft had?
And lastly, R.I.P Jelly, mission accomplished.

Really sad but really well done at the same time. Ending made me smile.

Really liked it, reminded me somewhat of wall-e

Looks to me like the blue slime was the soul or sumthing of the lying body and it (Alien) dropped plant DNA on earth =o