Reviews for "Block Runner"

I find it fun, but not very re-playable unless you're crazy about self-improvement and want to get the max scores in every game you play.

Also, I think the leader board medals are still not working. I got the all time 3rd place and today 2nd and it didn't unlock for me :(

thePalindrome responds:

Really, sorry you didn't like it D:

Not too sure why the medals aren't working, I'll look into it!

EDIT: Clear your cache, I fixed it!


It was decent enough. Alot of it kinda felt rushed. occasionally when the fire shooting tanks appeared, the game froze for a few seconds which was kinda distracting. The graphics, although nice were too static. I felt like the missles were very distracting, although they didn't do damage. Not a bad game though.

thePalindrome responds:

The game would freeze for a little bit in order to expand the buildings to match the larger building sizes, I'll fix that one.

Yeah, I'll have to talk to MasterofSpeed about that.

The missiles were originally going to kill you, but we decided that the game was too hard, and that the missiles would be overkil.

Thanks for reviewing, I'll do my best to work on it!

The game is too hard..

You can't count on 4 jumps to beat the later parts. All you need is luck. If you are not lucky with the buildings you will fail.
You could've added some upgrades or powerups for the later parts to make it possible at least.

The slide was useless. I don't know what was the point of it since you end up running at the same speed as the monster behind you. Also, you can't jump while sliding, so you end up slowing down instead of moving forward. At some points, the slide glitched when I pressed the jump button, and I started digging through the buildings (going downward) and ofcourse I lost because of it.

I think the last 5 medals are impossible at the moment, unless you hack the game (according to the top scores.) Also, I should've gotten 1 of the secret medals, but for some reason I didn't.

Overall, good game but too hard. If you can make it a little easier, it would be great I think :o

thePalindrome responds:

Yeah, having the buildings blown apart just before you land can get kind of annoying...

I might add some sort of powerup or upgrade system later on...

Slide is kind of useless, I'll make it so that you can jump directly from a slide...

The last 5 medals are really hard, but that's the point! Master-of-Speed only got #2 because I still had debug mode and infinite jumps going on...
#1 I think may have hacked it, as he won't respond to my PMs...

Thanks for the great review!


this is funny. quad jump.

thePalindrome responds:

Funny story, it used to be just double jump, but when a bug caused the building gaps to get larger, we decided to make it a quad jump :P

Good game,bro! :D

thePalindrome responds:


What did you like most about it?