Reviews for "Pass The Ca$h"


Never have so many dicks been so funny. I think a NG record for dicks has been set, and a new benchmark for aspiring animatiors has been established.

Actually, I have no idea what I just watched. Neither will anyone else. All I know is that SlurpeeClock... well... it's too painful to talk about.

i actually watched the whole thing credits included. i regret my life.

Uh, wow, I think this is in fact the longest collab you guys have ever worked on. I didn't think there was any way you could top the previous one I just reviewed that lasted for 19 minutes, but this one lasted for 20 minutes! Looking back, I'm even surprised it moved that fast. Well, it got a bit frustrating with how the story seemingly wouldn't end. At least I will give you guys credit for being creative.

It seems like fewer Clock flashes are coming every year, so I am glad you guys are still on top. I think my favorite artist would be AbsintheClock. I thought it was funny how the cow had human breasts. Why are a cow's udders located in the crotch area instead of the chest area like nipples are for most mammals? Pube Muppet was good too.

all i have to say is DDIICCKKKSSSS