Reviews for "SBC Systems"

I did it for the medals...

its not great, animation could do with some work, and sound track leaves a little to desire

Sorry, but half a star is as high as I can go.

Motivation is very low and SBC systems isn't as fun as it seemed to be.

... Pluuuus I really, REALLY hate misleading thumbnails

fullmetalchaz responds:

yeah I purposely put that thumbnail in, think most of the views came from that.

First off, I was looking forward to this. I waited a full minute through some stupid ad and got only about 10 seconds of gameplay.
Secondly, If you're going to make a game and advertise it, don't put in a halfassed effort and then dangle some manga thumbnail to get players.

fullmetalchaz responds:

It's clock day anything goes

waste of time and webspace