Reviews for "Chisel 2"

Amo el juego en todos sus aspectos solo que tengo presentimiento porque en el clockday sacan varios juego interesantes O.o Por cierto me trabe en el nivel 17 alguien sabe como pasarlo???

Thats right people a whole and entire 5 stars.
I love this games orriganalaty.

Art And Creativity 10/10 Nice artwork, indeed.

Plot And Design 9.5 / 10 Loved the plot of it ands its concept.

Music 8.8 / 10 The music was alright .

This game was truly amazing after all . nuff said.
And thx to people for reading my reviews when i write these things i actually put effort into them,
unlike some people do.

Thanks For Reading - UltimatiumMatrix.

Fun, satisfying game! Interesting mechanic. Very new, very flashy.

Overall it is quite nice. However, on the asteroids level my game keeps glitching, so I can't play the rest of the game.
Other than that fact I really like the game

I like the Asteroids reference, nice touch. Overall good game.