Reviews for "Chisel 2"

I really enjoyed this game! I think the thing I liked the most about it was probably how simple it was to beat, hee hee. I thought that maybe you had to specifically kill all the enemies, but you could in fact just leave them alone. It's still satisfying to get to finish them off, though. The graphics, you guys know what I think of your graphics. I even liked the way you showed your logo in the beginning.

It's great to have all this really cool music, too. I like how you don't have a lot of idea of when you're going to be done with a certain area. Yes, it tells you the percentage, but you always seem to find new terroritory. I like how the main character is this cute little guy. It's just an enjoyable game.

I found a bug.......
I managed to dig away a complete platform, so the animation ( of the rock being dug ) was stuck.
And the character just moved out of the screen ( continueing the digging sound )

Other than that, it's a great and funny game.
Nothing really challenging though.

This is very nice but kinda annoying Music.

I can not play it it does not load

Very fun!!!