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Reviews for "B: THE GAME"

Thanks for the medals. 4 stars for 4 medals.

TheMajormel responds:

wow. amazing.

How to get the secong medal: Clock b and then hit the minecraft block with the hammer - hope that helped. :)
Also, great game for medals, simple and short.

TheMajormel responds:


Well, I have to at least give you some credit for having a game that has some pretty easy medals to get. I'm pretty much stuck on the last one there. It doesn't matter, because I can just play with this thing all day until I get it. I think it would have been better if you had some sound. Of course, this a Clock inspired flash. You managed to update this in a pretty short amount of time.

I just wanted to say that clicking on the tank logo doesn't work. That seems to look a lot like a penis there. There could have also been a background. At least the "B" was represented in a pretty cool way. Happy belated Clock Day!

TheMajormel responds:

Thanks for the review. You don't have to click the tank logo really, the only thing you can do with it was use directional keys. Thanks for liking my take on the "B"

Thats great reward and i love this funny stuff :)
i get the 3 last medals
i got the first one but it still show lock =( idk why
thats bug i think any idea how to solve?

TheMajormel responds:

I'll fix it later.

cool good job!

TheMajormel responds:

thanks, but people made waay better stuff than me on clock day.