Reviews for "Clausus 2"

How do you unlock other balls?

I got the perfectionist achievement with only 56 stars.

Some levels only register 1 star when I got 3.

For some reason I'd lose the ability to use certain types of shots that I'd earned after completing levels, one example is after I beat the last level and got all three stars, receiving the perfectionist achievement early, I no longer had access to all of the shots up to the second last one that I'd earned, instead I was limited to shots up to the first explosive one.

For some reason after completing a level, I could not replay the level by hitting the replay button, the same screen would reappear and I'd to either move on to the next level, or go back to the main menu to re-select that level that I wanted to replay.

Blosics with a different texture...

Was a good game, though some lvls were too easy. In level 16 you didn´t even have to do anything to get 3 stars.

BUT I have a bug to report:
I was stuck at 48 stars, and therefore can´t unlock the last two gadgets. I dont know which lvl that started.

Very pretty game!