Reviews for "Clausus 2"

This game is really fun and provides a great challenge. I don't care if it's ripped off, I don't give a flying Clockday because this game is fun. You can't doubt that.

Also really hard.

Really hard.

It's a blosics rip-off...

Really fun game, level 22 is ridiculously hard though - I'm a bit confused as to how you're supposed to get 3 stars for that one.

I managed to knock them all off using a bomb and a blue with a score of 56 but that's only one star?

I can't see any way to get a higher score..
except... throught a glitch XD

If you use dynamite, then restart the level, the dynamite still explodes after the level restart essentially giving you a free dynamite!.. But even then I couldn't seem to get 3 stars o_0

But other than that I'm loving this game ^^


I like it! It is hard to get good grades though. It is a fun puzzle and it is hard to get frustrated because of the happy moves that the game brings. Very nice job. Can't wait to see what your future stuff is going to be like!