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Reviews for "Eternal Blast"

While definitely an enjoyable game the first time, I would have liked to see a more complex physics engine, ie: the enemies taking damage like the player does from colliding into asteroids, and maybe even the asteroids blocking enemies shots?
Also, the dog-fighting aspect of the game is much more enjoyable than the asteroid sweeper aspect.
I found myself seeking out the enemies at the beginning of a level and enjoying the combat with them and then not really enjoying the hordes of asteroids I was left with afterward.
Perhaps the number of enemies could be approximately half the number of current asteroids, and the number of asteroids could be about as many enemies there are now, scaled to each level of course?
I believe those numbers would be much more enjoyable, and present a challenge not too outrageous.

It's a nice game, but there are a couple of aspects that I didn't like.

- This is a personal appreciation, but I don't like that both shooting and moving are made with the mouse. I prefer to move with WASD and point and shoot with the mouse. Besides, this doesn't allow you to move quickly when the ship is close to the borders.
- If you destroy the enemies, I think there's no point in shooting the asteroids until you destroy all of them, because you don't get any reward for doing it.

Decent. The graphics and music aren't bad. Controls are kind of imprecise though, and the gun "upgrades" really aren't - the sound effects and fire rate may change, but it's always just two bullets being fired forward. That isn't particularly interesting.

Not a bad asteroids knock-off, but nothing great either.

Nice graphics, sound, music. Basic gameplay is ok, although the mouse-only control is kind of imprecise.

-hunting down all the asteroids after you've destroyed the enemy ships isn't fun at all. After 3 levels I just couldn't take the boredom anymore and quit.

-the mouse cursor looks very similar to your bullets - it needs to stand out more.

I wipe out the enemies really quick and then I have to clean up all the asteroids. I reckon you need a radar for the roids or just move onto the next stage.

The weapon upgrades really didn't feel like upgrades at all. Sure they changed colours and I was going back and forth with the single fire to double, but I wasn't really killing that much quicker and there is nothing interesting between them.

Everything else I liked though. It's beautiful visually, music suits perfectly, explosions are awesome, and I love the fluent game play. Really, game play like that makes boss fights great fun. hint hint, wink wink.