Reviews for "Vivirion.2"

this is a very fun game!!!!!

Hopefully this will be the only time i give someone HIV :(

First of all I wanna mention that I am a very big fan of the "virus games" and have played quite a few of them. With that said, I want to congratulate you on a job very well done! The overall feeling was really good, the gameplay was fun and well-made and the music and art were really fantastic! What I liked the most was the last level. The background and music for that stage are truly remarkable! Just to be on the safe-side, they are the "last level treat" right?

Otherwise, you have my 5 stars!

Asvegren responds:

Yup! Very glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the kudos.

This game is very entertaining, very addicting, i like how it uses real disease names, how much of a challenge it is, and how long it takes it to get boring, this game is definitely going to Xgen Studios, have fun with your money :)

very nice game :D