Reviews for "QUAKE Full Soundboard"

Absolutely lovely soundboard! Brilliantly made and very dear (at least to me; sweet memories, hahah!). The only thing I'd adviced to improve is the colour of the background. I undesrtand that this is a "real" texture from Quake, but on this dark background there's pretty hard to discern some monsters and stuff, like Dark Knight or even Zombie or... whatever :)
Great job anyways!

is QUAKE a game on ps1!? or ps2
? or is it eave a game?

Good stuff and I even favorite it. Only two things it could use is better sound quality and some code for the spacebar to stop the sound.

ELEVENT responds:

The sounds are extracted directly from the original source files, meaning that there is no way to "enhance" the sound effects; they are sampled at exactly the same Hz and kbps.

Wow there are soo many sounds,Im giving this 5 stares is because at least someone remembers QUAKE.

I really like this board a lot, makes me wish I bought the whole game instead of just having the locked demo disk. The ambient noise in the background is okay, but it'd be nice to toggle off. There was never any musical score in the game, was there? Thanks; this bought back memories :3

ELEVENT responds:

Actually, Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails wrote what I guess you could call a musical score, though it was more like ambient tracks to accompany the game. When you play the game with the CD, it will play these tracks.