Reviews for "GLave"

nice little game m8

This is a fun game. Nothing wrong here.

Good game! Though if you made space the firing key it would be much easier.

I thought this game was decent. Really, my only gripe with it is that it was just too hard. I wish there could have been a lot more health for you to have. I still have to give you credit for having a pretty creative overall design. I especially liked how the enemies looked. I just think you had too many enemies and it was too easy for them to kill you.

It really makes you realize how outnumbered you are in games like this. Heck, in most games you're outnumbered or at least outmatched. I do appreciate the simple controls. The sounds were also pretty decent. It may not be that original of an idea, but the gameplay isn't bad.

i dont know why but most of the stencyl games i play(i take it this is one of them) are lagging for me when playing online :/ seems like a good concept tho, a few changes to make it better should be good, good luck with creating games in the future!