Reviews for "Monster Raiders EP1"

i liked it alot! keep up the good work

= These two sure have tails of their own to tell...

From beginning to end this had my most undivided attention in what cute little people could do..
Now coming from my spider sense point of view, and also judging by the night fall setting of the scene, i would of bet my super hero's utility belt that there was going to be action one way or another, and came in swift numbers..
With two of the most strangest chibi hybrid characters i've seen,they are not to be underestimated. Both girls are on a mission to find out who the Cyclops is working for...heh Typical of Saturday morning villains to spill the beans right?
If all goes well these two girls will be able to beat all the bad guys just in time for cookies, honey and milk..

The Verdict:

Well let me tell you, i was hooked from beginning to end, delivering a well composed and thought out script as it should be!
The animation was decent and worked well with the theme and genre...
The sound was top notch and the female voice actresses were excellent....
The direction was Kid fun action inspired for all ages, i'm looking forward to episode 2!

Some nice animation and voice acting here, my only complaint being the fact that this concept is overdone. While the overall execution is well-made, I honestly couldn't say how many times I've seen this done before; it's tiring after the hundredth time. Nevertheless I will keep an eye out for this series as it progresses, so I'll withhold my final call on this. 7.5 / 10

Not bad. I liked it quite a lot, though I think it was too short. Also it started in the middle of action, so it was kind of hard to understand the plot. Maybe start the next episode little slower? Otherwise it was great, more of these :)

BradRedfield responds:

The next episode is a tiny bit slower than this one and does offer some much needed exposition.

And thanks, glad you enjoyed the episode!