Reviews for "Monster Raiders EP1"

Well done, is quite well polished, just those heavy line work was getting on my nerves, you can do cleaner lanes with fills, 2 lines then fill then remove the line work. (like MLP) Otherwise all good, clean up the line-work and get 5 stars ;P

Great to see some original content on NG

I saw this on DA while looking for any VA work I could do.
I fell on this link in a user's signature or something.

The animation looks good, the voices have good quality. You just did a wonderful job!
Keep it up!

Very well, but why is it TanukiMAN, when both are girls???

BradRedfield responds:

I actually did that for two deliberate reasons:

1. When someone hears a name with -man stuck at the end, one of the first things they think of are superheroes. For example: Gloveman. I would think that name implies its a superhero who has something to do with gloves.

Tanuki Girl wouldn't carry that same connotation because one would think, "Its a girl who is a tanuki." but wouldn't immediately associate it with superheroes.


2. Because its funny. :P

This was actually really enjoyable, especially for an all ages brand of toon!
Everything was really thought out, and the dialogue was smooth as well as the characters voices.
Great job here and I can't wait to see more!
Hopefully it makes it thru to the portal!
(I'm sure it will)
Keep up the great work!