Reviews for "Fishhead: Chapter 1"

good game I lost win 1

Great Retro Game

Just like it!

graphics were good, not bad

It's OK, but it has a nasty difficulty curve for having lives. If you are going to focus on a life-based game, give more opportunities for lives in the game... is it 10 coins or something for a life? There is no explanation of the gaining of lives, and after the tutorial level, you're tossed into the game. Also, there is hardly any indication of how much injury you have (noticed a slight red spot on the lives counter after being hit the second time). The only thing that saves it is being able to continue where you left off.

A decent port of a very old platformer into Flash. Controls feel a little skittish though, and I can't see any sign of a health bar. Just getting past the first level is proving difficult...