Reviews for "SRM: My Little Hoagie"

ah yes. this was great! i loved how this was somehow related to MLP. my little pony and sandwiches, good combo. :)

Awesome! Your animation once again has improved and is extremely fluid. Also I hate bronyism so this was satisfying to watch.

Also you shouldn't put down your YouTube stuff just 'cus you didn't work half as hard for it compared to this. So don't worry.

I liked the over all theme of this flash. My Little Hoagie is contagious like the real world counterpart of My Little Pony. This flash about summarizes what happens to an individual if they have witnessed an episode. I didn't really like the art style though. I'm not sure why, it just bugs me. Effects were pretty decent and everything flowed together. There's not much to criticize you on this (if any). I personally like the show, but I felt a little left out, lol. I mean, I'm a pegasister, and how would that term work in that alternate universe. lol! xD Still, I noticed you stopped posting as much as you used too. Please don't leave new grounds just yet! It may be boring and annoying, but it's your fans that want you here. Please don't let us down! Make more flashes! ^_^

It has been a long time since you last made something on Newgrounds. Glad to see you are still at it, since you are one of my favorite animators on Newgrounds. Good animation and all that, but why hoagies?

That's funny as hell... Nice animation too (even the lip sync).... tell the truth tho, is the mouth giggle just a cheap way around animating or is that just how u wanted it?

Battosai810 responds:

I've been animating these dudes talking just by moving their lower jaw for like 5 years. It's just how they talk. I've done regular lip syncing too but it's an enormous pain in the ass and these characters don't really exhibit it.