Reviews for "SRM: My Little Hoagie"

Another great work by senor Battosai! I only wish the sandwiches had more dialog! All the complex and innovate things magical sandwiches could've said and now we'll NEVER KNOW!

Wow...I watched this a few days ago and I thought "How addictive could My Little Pony possibly be? It can't be THAT bad. Maybe I'll watch the first episode to see if it is."

Clicked on the first episode on Youtube and about a minute into I was already a Brony. How in the heck did that happen?!

Nice good ol' N64. Btw I hate my little pony, but nice parody and so true to life

This is a true story of how most of us become bronies, and at a realistic speed of a short period of a single episode. Fitting flash.