Reviews for "InfiniSnake 4K"

kept me entertained, good game overral. high score is 130585 beat that

Slightly incomprehensible yet incredibly addicting at the same time. XD

graphically simple. didn't care for the pretty colors. I managed to get 7,332,357 pts. on my first try.

It's impressive how small you got the file size, but the game itself is far too flashy for my tastes. There are some times when the colors really get in the way of telling which way you are going. I also seem to be getting lag sometimes, especially while writing this (continuously colliding). It could really use a pause button too. One other thing is that with how the game is setup, using a back-and-forth pattern is basically guaranteed to give a high score.

when i got to "456X MULTI" the game lagged

FlappyB responds:

To fit into 4K I had to leave out intelligent garbage collection. So that's about 2*456 semi-transparent colored boxes to redraw 60 times a second. Lag guaranteed.
Btw great job on reaching 456x multiplier.