Reviews for "Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8"

Brilliant stuff, enjoyed it very much

that was actually quite amazing haha, you dont see many movies like that

good quality
and you involved some interacting aswell which you dont see much of

you did real well on this
congrats hope to see more

Even though I haven't quite seen the whole series this episode caught my curiousity. I'm impressed with the solid storyline you made. Keep up the good work, only saw a few kinks in the video, but nothing that I thought was too obvious to notice most of the time.

I just watched all the episode well done! They got better when there was the "participate" option for the battles but... the voices for people who weren't Gardevoir or TJ at first were a bit crappy, still I, almost, whole-fully enjoyed it. I really like the dark pokémon idea, especially since my favorite pokémon game is XD : Gale of darkness, Coliseum was okay. What I like even more about this is that you gave pokémon a great story and I, along with many others, wait anxiously for more episodes, 'till the end. But now I feel like playing Pokémon XD... Hope to see this series end!

The Elder Scrolls VI : Pokémon

I have to say, its been a long time since ive been on newgrounds and it feels good to come back and watch such an amazing series. I think this series has plenty of potential to be as good as SMBZ, as long as you keep it up and not lose interest!