Reviews for "Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8"

Amira is Russian :P

I guess he saw her in the void, because it's been almost 5 years with neither hide nor hair seen, lol.
I missed this series. Forgot about it for almost 4 whole years until I saw a pokemon game on the shelf at work. At this point I suppose it's foolish to hope it ever goes any further than this (like with Bitey of Brackenwood) but I'mma still stay hopeful.

This is so good! I watched all available episodes and the story for this is nice! I hope we get to see the next episode, even if it had been almost 4 years!

I Love IT!!! Lets Just Hope You Bring The Series Back!

yipeee :) I won both medals awesome movie and nice job with the interactive games :)