Reviews for "Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8"

It is a really good series!!! I like how you made it into interactive and voice acting. Well if you can the battles are still a little bit slow. I know it's probably hard but if you can make it a teensey bit better that would be great!!! I like this series and hope you continue it!

Where's the hentai?..just joking..bwahaha..it's definetly an intersting take on the pokemon universe. Though I stopped counting pokemon in the gold version and had to look some of them up especially the attacks on the previous episodes and I thank you for putting description for them in this one. All in all looking forward toward more.

i like how machop is looking at gardivore in the cradit sceene and thefirst view of gardivore in the front in the cradint sceen when the front of her is shown that pink thing looks a bit like a di*** or a di*** and i bet if the snager would be available in the game people would just spam whith it XD

I think this is great its really awesome cause I love pokemon gardevoir is one of my favs perfect episode 9 and 10 will be awesome for sure

teejay-number13 responds:

Yes they will be.

cant wait for next one! you keep getting better and ill definetly come back for more!