Reviews for "Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8"

I absolutely love this series, im psyched for the next one!

But what is the battle music when you fight Amira?

Awesome! When does the next one come out?

does anybody think teejay and gardevoir are in love? (just saying)

This is awesom if this was been original pokem game or serial you can sell it better then original XD
I love it.This adventure and this kind of romance stuff XD
I m emocionaly on a cliff because i can't wait to next episode i believe you and other will make another one.
I giving you 5 stars and i believe if it was possible and there was ranking 100 stars sure 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999 9% people will give you that 100 stars.
And again im SUPER EXITED AND HAPPY AND NERVOUS what happned to gardevoir and if it end up happyly by romance with gardevoir (just dreaming XD)
WARNING---My grammar can be fearsome and im really often confused about some words and times sentences XD---

"take off your clothes" typical guy saying before thinking....lol...love it *being a guy myself*