Reviews for "Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8"

You make Pokemon look better than what it is! BRAVO! This is awesome! I like how you can interacte in the battles so it is a movie-game at the same damn time! Awesome right? I am new to the series and I know I am going to enjoy this. Keep up the awesome work! Oh and you know, that sonic song really sounded like a Pokemon song to me at first...

I'll re-break down what I already said. Story is developing well, the sort of cliff hanger ending left me wanting the next one, which is good. It's just those vectors that bother me x_x. Really though this is the best episode yet. Well done. :>

teejay-number13 responds:

Yeah I agree that mixing sprites and vectors can be off-putting, whcih is why I'll only do it in rare cases. Like the phone calls for example.

I really enjoyed watching this episode. I've never seen any other episodes, but I am tempted to go see them now. I also enjoyed the interactive battles you did, with a little more improvement and an little personal touch I'm sure they could be much more enjoyable. Hope you keep doing more.