Reviews for "Pkmn: World of Chaos Ep 8"

hurry up and make or finish the next Ep! good job btw!

I quit playing Pokemon around the 3rd generation, so I'll try and tackle the performance.

the story is nice, the battles are fun, but when it came to some sprite close-ups I notice some problems. When Teejay sat down with Gardevoir his blinking doesn't actually look right, some of the white parts of his eye can still be seen when he closes his eyes as well lights on his face that should be shaded. The pixels seem different in size on sprites as well, try 2x2, 4x4, or even a 8x8 trick on them with the sizes (ex. if sprite 34x56, make it twice as big for a final outcome of 68x112). Some shading on plain sections of your character, especially his clothing, would help a lot to (Look at Gardevoir's pallet, she's red, green and white but they put a range of color on her to give her depth).

Lastly, I don't mean to make fun of your acting, but you sound so monotone. Your recording is good but I don't get an interest out your character. The only part that caught my attention was around the end where you get mad. Try to get into the character's mind during the scene that fits the moment; you may know the story, but your character is learning about the situation (add pauses between words to show that their thinking, lower your tone during a sentence to show sorrow).

The story is good, but delivery is what gets an audience's attention.

I feel like I left something out... oh yes.
Amereep used Review!

teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks for the advice. I know a lot about working with sprites, including how to properly resize them to prevent distortion, though sometimes it doesn't always turn out perfect. The sprites I used for Gardevoir's close-up had a much higher resolution originally then the one I used for Teejay. So his didn't have the same range of colors and shading to add depth and such. I'll fix that next time because I'm working on getting better at art myself including shading.

As for the voice acting, I'm trying to improve myself but my character is supposed to be mellow and not show a lot of emotion normally. That may not make a good personality for a main character in your opinion, but I think it makes a nice switch from the same old tired main character archetypes we usually see. Delivery is important, but I personally can't stand characters that only operate with extreme emotions.

its great man!but....your forgetting something...well somebody.remember good ol zoroark from ep 4 ?

teejay-number13 responds:

Give it time. There's 25 episodes planned.

Very impressive. I like how you put Gardevoir's darker half into this story (due to that trail of darkness) and threw in that sad story with your (Teejay's) previous Pokemon. I can't wait to see what next you have in mind so keep up the good work. *Thumbs up.*

when is the pokemon poopbrown sequel comin out

teejay-number13 responds:

Beats me. I didn't make that.