Reviews for "Please Stop Running!"

Nice game but I think you should add some modes.

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! What kind of additional modes were you thinking of?

Addicting and fun.

Well, this game was pretty fun. I like the idea of running away from an almost-omnipotent AI that controls the world and the upgrade panel was nice.

I did feel; however, that the controls were kind of clunky and clumsy. I found it hard to keep from falling off of buildings when I played this game and I also found the upgrade list to be a bit too simple. As far as I could tell you had 5 upgrades to choose from, which makes this game short.

This game is fun, but as a time waster and not anything too significant. You should make a sequel to this that is longer and with more upgrades.

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for your feedback!
Surprised that you found the controls clunky, we did extensive testing and tweaking to make them work just right. Is your PC quite old? This game is somewhat demanding and lag might be why you were falling off instead of jumping over...
Yes, the upgrade selection is pretty small, but each one can make a significant difference depending on how you're playing.
The game isn't really 'short' 10 levels and each is longer than the last!
Only the first two are very short to get you into the concept and get past the training period... they're also a chance to run really well and earn lots of cash for the first couple of upgrades (double jump is essential, and if you do well on the second level you might be halfway to the rocket pistol which is awesome).

THE GAME IS GREAT, kinda reminds me of the game, " Mirrors Edge ".

FightClub69 responds: