Reviews for "Please Stop Running!"

Cool game man, keep op the good work.


Great graphics, the soundtrack is ok. The theme kind of reminds me of Portal :P
My only complaint would be that its a bit laggy, although that could just be my computer, too.

Very original and fun game! Great graphics and gameplay, Could have had more upgrades though.

I noticed though, the key to the later levels is just to NEVER stop shooting. And the Shield and rockets are the most important upgrades.

Pretty cool game and nice tutorial, I didn't like how you have to keep clicking to continuously fire

FightClub69 responds:

We spent quite a lot of time trying to work out that exact question. If you can just press fire and hold it then most players complain that their finger gets tired. If you have to press fire for each bullet then players don't like having to spam the click. If you don't have to press fire at all, it feels like the guns aren't a great upgrade, and if you fire 5 bullets per click (like this one) then players don't like the clicking even though it's quite slow...
I have never yet found a good solution! So, if you can suggest one I'll be grateful enough to give you a specific credit in my next game that uses it. Seriously, genuine offer!