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Reviews for "Fish Rush"

I found this game to be just too strange to really enjoy. It also doesn't help that I'm no freaking good at this thing. I was amazed at how the graphics looked so weird. It just seems more like something you would see in an advertisement, not an actual cartoon. I do appreciate how it is fairly unique. I really don't even care that much about getting medals.

I got stuck on the ice and then I couldn't get back. I guess I have to give some praise for the music. It's nice and silly and really sets the mood well. I probably would have liked to see that penguin get hit on the head a couple of times. At least you gave us an interesting perspective on Antarctica.

pretty good, short, but still cool

So what happen to the girl and the pirate?

Nice game,nice art work. Sometimes it isn´t too logic,but it´s not that hard. Enjoyable,should I say.

This is a cute game, it's kinda short, but it's still pretty good. I give you three and a half stars for the artwork and the effort.