Reviews for "Super Adventure Pals"

Fantastic game, although enough glitches that I can't finish anything. :( Needs work.

This is an Pretty AWSOME game (is it a thoungecopter or whut?)

ok so, very fun game, love the look and feel of it. BUT the controls are unnecessary and Ive hit more glitches in this game than I have in a long time. Good, but not great.

A very solid experience, enjoyed the art style and music greatly. Some achievements are still locked though I completed them and I still don't know how to earn a million coins (maybe something to do with a rich&melted snowman ass). What I really liked was a gradually rising difficulty curve, I just couldn't stop playing till I got three stars in all levels. But the final bosses are so very easy, 5 or six bombs to deal with Mr. B were not very impressive. Still, I enjoyed it greatly so thanks a lot.

Its a pretty fun game! Worked wonderfully for me. A little slow moving, but thats prolly just me XD. Reminds me a lot of Castle Crashers. And the art is adorable!