Reviews for "Bedfellows - Gary"

Sweet! Gimmie more..... more ..... MORE...... yes ..yes ha ...haha hahaha....ha HA .hahaha... Really, I laughed so much. This was great. Thank you!

the animation was decent the voicing slightly above average due could be better if the voicing matched more of the characters mouth movements overall its above average but not in the animations plot area which had the biggest effect on my review the plot although below average needed to be more developed to be given a 4.5 star rating

I liked it but felt it was redundant, and thought it was sad that Gary was mistreated. So yes I'm liking your series just not the style of humor.

funny... I know what I'm doing for the rest of the night.

This is the funniest by far!
I love Sheen and Fatigue! <3