Reviews for "Bedfellows - Gary"

LOL XD whats even funnier is that goats r really like that in real life u really did your homework : )

Fantastic voice acting, timing, and animation. I love these characters, I love your cartoons, and I wish with all my heart that I had thought of using a fainting goat as a character. Brilliant!

when a goat is scared
they fant and freeze to make the
wolf think hes dead but hes still alive

The overal animation of movement was fluent... when it happened. It was funny, but the speed of the dilivery and when he would laugh, aswell as the badlip movement to what they where saying... really threw me off... so it coulds been better. Nice job though! (BTW im just picky when it comes to animation so no hard feeling)

Le dio boguerrito!!!!!! (mexican words game) (boguerrito = borrego = goat)
I need to know how animate like this!!! you use interpolation or frame by frame?