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Reviews for "Meme Studio"


Meme studio is a little bit flawed (well, completely bombed to be more accurate) though there is some promise. The amount of memes and the basic cheesy comic creation idea is quite interesting, though rather limited: without the line and pencil tool, you can't really do much. It'll also help if we could resize our images and rotate them.

roser137 responds:

i am planning to add pencil, eraser, rotation tool to next version. you can resize your images with A and S key but i agree with that tools are limited, thanks for advise.

Wut this? But yea , my favorite meme is Me Gusta

These are rage faces, which in turn are all a single meme. Get your facts right before expanding outside of 9gag.

And as mentioned before, this makes creating bullshit "meme" comics easier for stupid people, which is not a good thing. http://bit.ly/MWtDyO

roser137 responds:

subjective opinion based rating. seem legit. so if i create a awesome comic studio based on 9gag rage faces, i will get a zero anyway :( .