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Reviews for "Meme Studio"

My meme says:SHAWT UP!!!11!!11

fuck yea


You know, its appalling how memes are shoveled out in such a production line like fashion. Sites like reddit, 9gag, are just open for everyone to post create some stupid "meme" or rage comic, and then kill it in the same day. Take for example, arrow in the knee. As soon as reddit got its young, fingerpaint covered hands on that little phrase, every top comment on every video on youtube was an arrow in the knee.

This "meme" studio, which only uses a subgroup of memes called ragefaces, is the perfect breeding ground for these pointless, shitty, unfunny, comics to be pumped into the internet like toilet paper. It goes in weak, and comes out broken, shitty, and disgusting.

As for your "meme" studio, which is clearly doing the job considering the people in the comments, Is very high quality, with all its changeable variables. But i can only give you half a star star, because of the intolerable behavior this encourages.

roser137 responds:

i agree with your comment on shitty meme stuff gets rated everywhere but this doesn't change that your comment / rating is subjective and doesn't related with this game/gadget.

Me gusta, trolling is epic!