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Reviews for "EVA7- Rebirth"

Poor quality.

The game of Blackjack wasn't particularly fair or entertaining, I can't credit you for the Hentai at the end, as it's technically stolen content, the pictograms that you used for the cards looked horrendous and it generally stank of little to no effort at all, for the piece that was displayed at the end.

You used voice actors for the sex / rape black screen scene at the end, though didn't bother to use them for the rest, which cheapened the piece overall. I'd have expected much more from such a piece, hence the low rating.

[Review Request Club]

An interesting spin on blackjack. Admittedly, I'm not quite familiar with the EVA series, but the game's premise was easy enough to comprehend. The blackjack was truly random, as it took me several tries to beat her. The artwork was done well, and you can tell a decent amount of effort was put into making this flash.

Where you lost me was the music and the dialogue. The jazzy BGM just clashed with the entire creation, and it took me out of the mood -- playing blackjack to save my hide from being blown off. Ominous audio, such as some dark ambient or the like, would be very beneficial here. Something slower, and more subdued. Then there came the dialogue. Reading the dialogue being fired back and forth was tedious, monotonous, and laborious. Some voice acting could really help here, that way you wouldn't have to rely on a bunch of ALL CAPS PHRASING to show changes in inflection. It would all be there, within the voice acting.

Also, a glitch that popped up. When Rei's head spoke, there was no button to move the action forward. Has this happened with anybody else?

Good work, I'd like to see more blackjack/casino games with a plot element as this.
SGC [Connor]
Review Request Club

wow.. i didnt see that coming...simply..wow...

Yomuchan responds:


lol he got raped:}