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Reviews for "EVA7- Rebirth"


Yomuchan responds:

Because Asuka is an insane and loveable maniac?

And besides, it was Shinji's secret wish.

loll it funwhen ya lose you keep gett slap

Yomuchan responds:

That Asuka, man. She spins you right round, maaaaan.

Pretty interesting game, although it's not one of my favorites. The graphics could use a little work and the voice acting at the end could be a little cleaner. It sounds like the microphones were up way to loud, so a lot of static came though. And the music during the game doesn't really fit, but at least it's upbeat. I do like the pictures at the end, but it took me quite a few tries to beat her just to see them.
I think it would be interesting to use the voice actors for more than just the rape scene, because personally all the reading threw me off.
Good work in any case, it's a nice flash.

i love it because of the pics when u win

This seems to be bad, badder than your other works which are all good. This one just seems like it was tossed together in about a week or less with most of the effort going towards finding images for the gallery the giant Rei head gives you at the end.

The story seemed to be Asuka and Shenji had been arguing with each other for the past eight years and Rei's head finally got and sick and tired of it and forced them to play Stripe Poker or bad things would happen. After the game is over and Shinji has been anal fisted she reveals she made it all up to stop hearing them whine and rewards Shinji with a gallery of images. Some of the images being good and others being OK, sadly none of it is original artwork so can't really give credit to you all there aside from finding them.

The graphics seemed to look mediocre at best and as for the cards used in the card game I think you could have spent much more time on them. They looked almost as if they had been done in paint in a little under one minute per card, could have used the original card design and it would have looked much better. The randomness factor for what cards came out seemed fair.

The voices used were good but the sound could have been cleaner since the microphones picked them up being a little louder than usual and static in the background which isn't too good to have. Have them stick something in front of the mic or some light cloth on the microphones to null out the loud sounds and background noise that could be picked up. The background song could have been different although it does make the blacked out anal fisting scene humorous at least.

Overall, voices could have been a little cleaner when recording, cards could have looked better, could have been a second round of strip poker.

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